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One-of-a-kind handmade silk scarves created in California

by French artist Bénédicte Pourchet

(artwork available at www.benedictepourchet.com)


I am a French – American artist from Paris where I grew up and first discovered art.  My artwork comprises one-of-a-kind silk scarves, drawings, paintings and etchings. 

I have extensive work experience with several global fashion labels and using my creativity to develop my own designs has brought me a lot of joy. 

Black Pug Fashion silk scarves are distinctive accessories and a unique piece of art. Growing up in Europe, I have always loved scarves as they are functional, versatile and timeless. They offer women a way to personalize any outfit and express themselves while doing so.

For more artwork, visit:  www.benedictepourchet.com

The muse behind the brand is my first dog Pablo, a black pug who traveled the world with me for over 15 years and who has inspired me to project my designs on a wearable piece . Black Pug Fashion logo was created after a photo of Pablo.

My style is imaginative and improvised, a mix of abstract, illustrative and mood inspiring designs.