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One-of-a-kind hand painted silk scarves 
by French artist Bénédicte Pourchet
(more artwork at


I started painting on silk and ultimately creating the Black Pug Fashion scarves line in 2016 in Barcelona. 

I discovered that the movement and emotion created in my artwork could take a fluid dimension on a scarf.

The silk scarf represents the iconic French accessory, a must-have that is popular across all ages and lifestyles.​

I created the Black Pug Fashion line, a hand painted silk scarves collection with nature and travel inspired designs reminiscent of my artistic style ( 

Black Pug Fashion silk scarves have a dual function of being a distinctive accessory and an original piece of art.

Each scarf is unique: it has its own design, color palette and name.


Black Pug Fashion scarves can be made-to-order to best fit your personality.

Oscar_And_Dieguito digital.jpg

Benedicte with Lily, 2009

The muse behind Black Pug Fashion is my first dog Pablo, a black pug who traveled the world with me for over 15 years and who has inspired me to project my designs on a wearable piece.


Black Pug Fashion logo was created after a photo of Pablo.

Oscar & Diego, Ojai, California 2021



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